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Dental Fillings for Children By Stephen Dowell, DDS on November 20, 2019

When it comes to pediatric dentistry, it’s important to find family dentists you can trust. That’s why so many people in Minerva, Carrollton, and Dover, OH visit Dr. Stephen C. Dowell and Dr. Byron Rossi. Their commitment to state-of-the-art children’s dental care sets them apart from so many other dentists in the region.

When your child needs fillings, the Dowell Dental Group team takes time to help your child feel comfortable and at ease at the dentist’s office. Let’s go over a few common concerns about pediatric dental fillings below.

When Are Dental Fillings Necessary?

Cavities are a common issue with people of all ages. When a cavity forms and impacts the tooth structure, a filling prevents further harm and dental health issues. Even for cavities on baby teeth, fillings prevent the spread of bacteria to other structures of the mouth.

Once a cavity is detected, it’s important that a dentist address it as soon as possible. Retaining as much normal tooth structure as you can is essential for long-term dental health and wellness.

Helping Children Through the Filling Process

Getting a dental filling can be scary for children, especially if it’s their first filling. We’re prepared.

Rather than using a dental drill, we use air abrasion to remove damaged tooth material. There’s no high-pitched drilling noise or pressure and heat on the teeth. Instead, air abrasion uses fine particles of safe matter to gently remove tooth material. Water and suction are used to clean the fine debris away.

Trust and Education as Part of Pediatric Dental Care

Throughout the filling process and all dental procedures, the dentists of Dowell Dental Group put an emphasis on patient education. Helping children understand the filling process and other dental procedures in full detail reassures these young patients that they do not have to be afraid or to be anxious about dental treatments.

These kinds of trusting, nurturing interactions with a dentist at an early age can promote good dental health in the years ahead, and a focus on good oral hygiene habits well into adulthood.

Are Metal Fillings Safe for Children?


While there have been numerous concerns about the use of metal fillings in the last few decades, studies have generally found that metal fillings are safe for use in children. The risk of mercury exposure is low, and young patients who receive metal fillings are not at risk of adverse health or developmental issues.

That said, we understand the concerns of parents. That is why we offer tooth-colored fillings at our practice as a restoration option.

Tooth-Colored vs. Silver Dental Fillings

While silver fillings are generally more durable and affordable, tooth-colored fillings are able to withstand a lot of the normal wear and tear associated with biting and chewing. They’re also much more aesthetically pleasing than silver fillings. The other great benefit of tooth-colored fillings is that they can be placed while preserving more of a young patient’s tooth structure, which is great in the long run.

Remember: Prevention is Always Best

While we offer state-of-the-art dental restorations and treatment, we should emphasize that preventative care is best. While you work on brushing and flossing with your child at home, we can emphasize regular cleanings and dental visits to ensure a smile that’s healthy and long-lasting.

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