dental implants

Dental Implants

Gaps resulting from a missing tooth can cause discomfort and embarrassment. They can also leave you vulnerable to other health issues.

Dr. Stephen C. Dowell performs every step of dental implant treatment to restore the appearance and function of your smile.

Why trust our Minerva, OH, practice serving Carrollton and Dover to provide your dental implants?

How Do Dental Implants Work?

Dental implants are biocompatible titanium posts designed to replace the roots of a missing tooth. Our doctor will surgically place dental implants in your jawbone, where they will fuse with the surrounding tissue. This process creates a strong foundation to support a custom-made dental crown, bridge, or denture. We have three offices serving Minerva, Carrollton, and Dover.
dental implants
Whether you are missing one tooth or all your teeth, implants can give you back a full and functional smile. 

Trust the Dowell Dental Group A One-Stop-Shop For Dental Implant Treatment


The Dowell Dental Group performs all aspects of dental implant treatment from surgery to custom restorations with no need for referrals. Our hands-on process allows us to monitor and control the quality of your treatment and ensure your satisfaction. Dr. Dowell is a member of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists and stays up to date on the latest techniques in dentistry. He is very involved in each patient's care, taking the time to learn about an individual's needs and customize treatment accordingly. If you are looking for high-quality, streamlined treatment, look no further than the Dowell Dental Group. Schedule a consultation with the dentists at our Minerva, OH, practice today. We have three offices in the area, making care convenient for patients in Carrollton and Dover. Request a consultation online or give us a call:

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Best dentist I have ever met!! I have had a lot of terrible dentists over the years and have had really bad experiences! They were absolutely awesome!! I will continue to go here and would recommend them to anyone!! Just went for a second visit yesterday and he is so awesome he called me at night to make sure I was doing ok after an extraction!!

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They are very nice and have helped me a lot. This is the only dentists I've gone to. I probably won't ever go anywhere else. I would recommend them to everyone!

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Why Choose Implants
over Traditional Restorations?


Dental implants act as artificial tooth roots, stimulating the jawbone. This prevents the bone recession that follows tooth loss, and keeps your remaining natural teeth intact and healthy. 


Since implants are secured in the jawbone, they provide a more stable foundation, especially for a bridge or denture. It is much easier to eat and speak with your denture fixed in place.  


While traditional dentures can cause pain and discomfort as they shift and slip out of place, implant-supported restorations feel as comfortable as your natural teeth. 


By maintaining excellent dental health, titanium implants can last 40 years or longer. Although a replacement tooth will eventually wear out, implants will likely continue to provide important benefits for the rest of your life.

Greater Minerva, OH, Patients Know  That They Can Rely on Dr. Dowell for Implants


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Great Staff!! They were excellent with my daughter!!

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Dr. Dowell is the best in the business...I won’t go to anyone else.

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Restoring Your Smile
and Confidence 
With Dental Implants

Before Dental Implant
Before Dental Implants
After Dental Implant
After Dental Implants
When paired with options like dental crowns or implant-supported bridges, dental implants can make your smile complete again. The implants provide excellent stability while the replacement teeth (pontics) restore both function and appearance. If you want to learn more about this restorative dentistry treatment, visit Dr. Stephen C. Dowell at Dowell Dental Group. We have three Ohio offices located in Minerva, Dover, and Carrollton.

Tooth Restorations Dental Implants Can Support

Whether you need to replace one new tooth or several, dental implants can return functionality and uniformity to your smile when they are paired with restorations. Dr. Dowell is a dentist who can complete your smile with these three implant-supported solutions:

​Dental Crowns

Implant-supported dental crowns can cover the top of your implant to replace a single tooth from the root to chewing surface. 

Explore Dental Crowns

​Dental Bridges

If you need to replace one to three teeth, you may want to consider an implant-supported dental bridge. 

Explore Dental Bridges

Implant-Supported Dentures

Implant-supported dentures can benefit those who need to replace most or all of their teeth. They have many benefits compared to traditional dentures, including superior stability that allows you to chew, speak, and smile with absolute confidence.

Explore Implant-Supported Dentures

5-Star Care For Our Minerva Patients

"Fantastic practice!  Dr. Dowell and the entire staff do an amazing job and really make you feel comfortable.  I would recommend them to everyone!" Sandy M.

Let's Find the Right Implant Option For Your Dental Needs

Dr. Dowell is the kind of dentist who will patiently explain the various dental implant options available to you. From dental crowns to implant-supported dentures, we will help you find the implant choice that best suits your needs and budget.

We also accept insurance and financing options, like CareCredit® and Lending Club, so that you can comfortably budget for a rehabilitated smile.

Reach out to one of our three convenient Ohio offices in Minerva, Dover, or Carrollton or call


Dr. Dowell
If you need an implant, you can trust Dr. Dowell. He has over 30 years of experience and continues to pursue further dental education, making him a knowledgeable choice for your implant procedure.

How do I know If I qualify for dental implants?

Consultation And Planning Our Technology-Assisted Implant Treatment

During your consultation, Dr. Dowell will thoroughly evaluate your medical history and examine the health and condition of your teeth. Our practice serving Minerva, Carrollton, and Dover is equipped with an intraoral camera and cone-beam computed tomography (CT) scanner, allowing us to capture images of teeth, the jawbone, and other tissues. With these high-resolution images of your teeth and jaw, we can identify any issues that may preclude you from treatment, and determine if certain dental procedures can restore your candidacy.

The cone beam scanner also allows us to virtually plan your procedure and create custom surgical guides. A surgical guide is a tool that increases the accuracy of the procedure by guiding Dr. Dowell's movements while he places your implants. We craft our surgical guides in-house with our own 3D printer. Our fully digital practice ensures patients receive the highest quality treatment and consistently successful results.

3d dental printer

Dental Implant Treatment Timeline

Restoring your teeth with dental implants involves several steps, each of which can be performed by our practice serving Minerva, Carrollwood, and Dover for your convenience. 

We are the only dental office in the area that utilizes state-of-the-art 3D imaging that gives us more accurate and successful results.


We are the only dental office in the area that utilizes state-of-the-art 3D imaging that gives us more accurate and successful results.


We begin the procedure by making small incisions in your gums. Dr. Dowell then strategically places our preferred American-made titanium implant posts into your jaw and closes the incisions with sutures.


It usually takes about three to six months for patients to heal from their initial implant surgery. During this time period, the implant will fuse with your jaw in a process called osseointegration, creating a secure foundation for your custom restorations.


Once your implants have completely integrated, you will undergo a second minor surgery. Dr. Dowell makes incisions to access the implants and attaches abutments to the top of each device. Abutments connect your restorations to your implants. We will close the incisions again, and allow you a few weeks for your gums to heal, leaving the abutments accessible above the gumline. Once you have healed, the restorations can be attached to the abutments.

Restoration Design

When your gums have healed, our dentist will take new impressions of your mouth to design your permanent restorations. These digital impressions are sent to our trusted dental lab, where skilled technicians craft your implant-supported crown, bridge, or denture.


Once your restoration is ready, we will schedule you a final appointment at our office nearest you. Your dentist will attach the prosthetic to the abutments and show you the results of your newly restored smile. 

A Closer Look At The Procedure

While dental implants take some time, the life-long oral health and functional benefits are well worth the wait.

Dental Implants FAQ

How long do dental implants last?

Although you may periodically need to replace your crowns, bridges, or dentures, you can expect your dental implants to last 40 years or more if you maintain your oral hygiene and undergo regular checkups.

How much of this treatment does insurance usually cover?

Unfortunately, most basic insurance plans do not contribute to the cost of implants, but don't worry - we can help make this treatment a fit for your budget through our convenient financing options.

I'm diabetic. Am I disqualified from dental implant treatment?

If your diabetes is controlled, you can absolutely qualify for dental implants. During your consultation, we can review your medical history, and we can also confer with your general care provider to determine if you can safely undergo implant placement.

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