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Tips to Reduce Discomfort During Invisalign Treatment By Stephen Dowell, DDS on July 20, 2019

Teens and adults with crooked teeth don’t need to deal with brackets and wires of traditional orthodontics. Instead they can undergo Invisalign® as an invisible alternative to traditional braces. Many Minerva, OH patients who come to Dowell Dental Group appreciate the convenience of the clear aligner trays and the ability to undergo orthodontic care without hassles or self-consciousness.

We get a lot of questions from people about pain during Invisalign treatment and what they can expect. Let’s cover some of the basics below and offer some practical advice for dealing with discomfort.

Is Invisalign Painful?

No, Invisalign isn’t painful, but it can leave a person’s teeth feeling sore.

Think of it just like traditional orthodontic treatment. When you first get braces, your teeth may feel uncomfortable given the pressure being exerted. The same discomfort occurs when the braces are tightened.

While the aligner trays used in Invisalign are not like brackets and wires for braces, they will cause some discomfort simply given the nature of orthodontic care and carefully applied tension on the teeth.

How Long Does the Discomfort Last?

Typically discomfort with Invisalign aligners lasts for a few days once a new aligner is put in. Since patients wear a new Invisalign aligner every two weeks, you can expect some degree of temporary discomfort occurring every two weeks. You’ll find your teeth get accustomed to the new aligners eventually, and the soreness subsides.

Wear Your Invisalign Aligners as Much as Possible

One of the best ways to get the soreness over with is to wear your Invisalign aligners as much as possible. This allows your teeth to shift sooner, and helps the aligner do its work in the first few days it’s in. Remember that you have to remove the aligner when eating, drinking anything other than cool water, and cleaning your teeth.

Suck on Ice Cubes or Drink Cold Water

On the note of cool water, you may want to drink cold water while your Invisalign aligner is in to help soothe your sore teeth. Sucking on small ice cubes is okay too, but just be sure not to bite down on the ice cubes while they are in your mouth.

Put New Invisalign Aligners in at Nighttime Before Bed

Since new aligners tend to cause the worst soreness in the first hours, we recommend that Minerva patients put in a new aligner just before bedtime. You’ll be able to sleep through the initial discomfort, and make your way through the next day without having to experience the worst discomfort while you’re wide awake.

Eat Soft Foods in the Days After Starting a New Aligner

In the first two or three days after getting a new Invisalign aligner, try to eat a diet that primarily consists of soft foods. Only have crunchy and hard foods again when your teeth don’t feel so sensitive.

Take Over-the-Counter Pain Relievers If Necessary

As a last resort, you can take over-the-counter pain medication if you absolutely have to. We recommend the above advice first since the discomfort is typically manageable for most patients.

What to Do If Invisalign Discomfort Doesn’t Improve

If you have long-lasting or persistent discomfort during Invisalign treatment, be sure to speak with your dentist about it. They can look into your issues in greater detail and provide much needed relief.

Learn More About Invisalign

If you live in or around Minerva and would like to learn more about Invisalign, be sure to contact a skilled cosmetic and restorative dentist. The team at Dowell Dental Group can be reached by phone at (330) 868-5080.


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