Clear aligners covering a lower arch of teeth


If you want a straight smile but don't want the hassle of traditional braces, there may still be subtler options available to you. 

Dowell Dental Group offers Invisalign®—a discreet, removable, and comfortable alternative that is suitable for most misalignment cases.

The friendly team at our four office locations in Minerva, OH, Carrollton, and Dover can explain the benefits of clear aligners...

Clear aligners covering a lower arch of teeth

Straighten Your Smile with Invisalign

Dental complications such as overly crowded teeth, gapped teeth, and crossbites can not only affect the appearance of your smile but your overall oral health. If you are ready to transform your smile but are hesitant about traditional orthodontic treatments, the advanced Invisalign® system can provide effective results without any wires or brackets. During treatment, you will wear custom-made clear, plastic aligners, which gradually and discreetly straighten your teeth. At Dowell Dental Group in Carrollton, OH, our experienced dentists and dedicated team will monitor your progress to help you achieve the straight smile you desire.

image of Invisalign aligner
Using clear aligners, we can discreetly straighten your smile and address dental concerns like overcrowding and gapped teeth.

How Does Invisalign Work?

During your Invisalign treatment at our office, you will receive several sets of custom, clear aligners that apply gentle pressure to your teeth. As directed by your dentist, you will advance to the next set of aligners every one to two weeks to gradually shift your smile. Each aligner is designed to fit comfortably and securely over your dental arch. To achieve optimal results, you should wear your aligners for 20 to 22 hours each day. 

We recommend that you return to our office every six weeks, so that we can evaluate your progress and ensure your smile is transitioning correctly. Invisalign treatments generally take between 12 and 18 months. However, your timeline ultimately depends upon the extent of dental misalignment and your commitment to wearing your aligners.

Is Invisalign Right for Me?

Our team will evaluate your oral health and the structure of your smile to determine whether Invisalign is right for you. You may be a candidate for Invisalign if you have:

  • Gapped teeth
  • Crowded or crooked teeth
  • crossbite
  • An overbite
  • An open bite
  • An underbite

If you are eligible for treatment, we will take 3-D images of your smile using an advanced digital system. These scans will help us design your custom treatment plan and provide you with a preview of your new, enhanced smile. We will then send these images to a trusted Invisalign laboratory, where your custom aligners will be manufactured. 

Traditional Orthodontics vs. Invisalign

Traditional orthodontics consist of a metal bracket and wire system, which is adhered to the front surface of the teeth. While traditional braces are an effective treatment, they are highly visible and may cause discomfort or irritation to your cheeks and gums. In addition, braces restrict patients from eating certain foods, placing items like popcorn and nuts off limits. Further, patients with traditional braces often experience difficulty brushing and flossing their teeth, which can lead to dental discoloration, tooth decay and gum disease.

The advanced Invisalign system can provide effective results without any wires or brackets. 

Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible, so you can straighten your smile any time of day. They are made of smooth plastic, which is designed to fit comfortably over your smile. Because these aligners are removable, you can maintain proper oral hygiene practices and eat any food you like. The treatment timeline for Invisalign is nearly half that of traditional braces, which can take up to two to three years. 

Enhance Your Smile Today

If you are ready to straighten your smile discreetly, our dentists can help you achieve your aesthetic goals and improve your oral health. To schedule your consultation, contact Dowell Dental Group today by filling out our online form.

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