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Root Canal Therapy Recovery By Stephen Dowell, DDS on May 20, 2019

If a tooth becomes infected, it’s important that you seek professional dental care as soon as possible. Root canal therapy (endodontic treatment) can be performed to address infected teeth, preventing the need for extraction. Dr. Stephen C. Dowell and Dr. Byron Rossi have helped countless patients in the Minerva, OH area thanks to root canal therapy.

The team at Dowell Dental Group would like to consider the root canal recovery process in a bit of detail below. Since many people have misconceptions about root canals and what happens after one is performed, this should offer some useful perspective.

How Painful Is a Root Canal?

A root canal itself isn’t painful thanks to modern pain management techniques. That said, patients will experience soreness and discomfort after a root canal has been performed and the anesthetic has worn off. This sensation is normal, and thankfully there are many ways to deal with it.

If anything, the pain and discomfort from a root canal treatment is nowhere near as bad as the pain and discomfort one would feel from a root canal infection that went untreated.

Will I Need to Take Time Off from Work?

This depends on your job duties. Some patients only need to take the day off work for the root canal procedure, returning to work the next days. Others may need to take a day or two off to give themselves time to recuperate, which is common for people in physically demanding lines of work.

During the consultation process at our Minerva dental center, we can let you know if time off would be ideal for your and your needs.

Tips for Adjusting Your Diet

After a root canal, your teeth will be sensitive and sore. It’s best to adjust your diet for a few days to avoid discomfort and ensure proper healing. We suggest the following:

  • Eat soft foods and liquid foods
  • Avoid foods with crumbs or tiny seeds
  • Do not bite down with the tooth that was worked on
  • Chew on the opposite side of your mouth (i.e., the side that was not worked on)
  • Avoid foods that are hot and cold in temperature to prevent tooth sensitivity

Tips for Oral Hygiene

Patients should brush and floss as they normally would to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Be delicate around the tooth that was worked on to prevent excessive pain.

Use Cold Compresses for Swelling

If your face feels sore or experiences some swelling, it can be managed with a cold compress. Apply to the cold compress to your face for 15 to 20 minutes, take the cold compress off for 15 to 20 minutes, and repeat as needed.

Take Pain Medication as Needed

Prescription pain killers or over-the-counter pain medications can be taken as needed to help manage your pain and discomfort. Never exceed the recommended dosage on any medications you use.

Attend Follow-Up Visits as Scheduled

There will be a few follow-up visits with the dentist to help ensure you are recovering properly. Be sure to attend all of these as schedule.

Notify Our Practice If Issues Arise

If you experience any undue pain or discomfort while you are recovering from a root canal, be sure to contact our practice as soon as possible. We can answer questions and address any urgent needs you may have as they arise.

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