Root Canal Therapy Can 
Salvage a Damaged Tooth

Root canal therapy can save a tooth that is badly damaged by decay and infection, preventing the need for a tooth extraction. Dr. Stephen C. Dowell at Dowell Dental Group uses the latest dental technologies, making certain your root canal therapy is as comfortable and efficient as possible. Serving patients in and around Carrollton, OH, Dowell Dental Group also offers sedation to further relax anxious patients.

When Is Root Canal Therapy Necessary?

When decay extends to the internal portions of a tooth, the issue cannot be effectively addressed with a filling or a dental crown. This acute infection can spread from the pulp of the tooth to the roots, eventually affecting the adjacent teeth and underlying bone. Root canal therapy can effectively remove the infected tissue and decay, and stop the bacteria from spreading.

Due to our advanced techniques, most patients experience little to no pain when undergoing root canal therapy.

Root canal therapy is the preferred alternative to a tooth extraction, whenever feasible. Certain symptoms can indicate you may need root canal therapy, such as a severe toothache, swelling, or drainage from the area. Some patients experience no signs, which is why it is important to attend regular check-ups at our office.

Root canal therapy consists of several steps designed to sterilize, protect, and strengthen an unhealthy tooth.

The Root Canal Procedure

In order to determine the extent of the decay, one of our dentists will perform a full assessment. The latest technologies in digital imaging will be used to take x-rays and scans of your teeth and surrounding bone.

If the doctor determines root canal therapy is necessary, local anesthesia will be administered to numb the treatment area. Oral conscious sedation is also available. Once you are comfortable, a small opening will be made in the top of the tooth so the pulp chamber can be accessed. The damaged tissue will be removed from the chamber and the roots, and the internal surfaces of your tooth will be disinfected and smoothed. The root canals will then be filled with gutta-percha, a flexible dental material. Your tooth will be sealed with a dental filling and during a second visit, a crown will be placed to provide further protection.

Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

Performed correctly, root canal therapy is a highly successful and long-lasting treatment option. Advantages include:

  • Minimal Discomfort: Due to our advanced techniques, most patients experience little to no pain when undergoing root canal therapy.
  • Elimination of Pain: An infected tooth can cause severe discomfort. Root canal therapy removes the source of the bacteria, resulting in nearly immediate relief from dental pain.
  • Restores Damaged Teeth: Root canal therapy eliminates tooth decay, bringing health back to your smile.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: Because our restorations are tooth-colored, no one will be able to tell you received root canal therapy. Your new crown will blend in with your surrounding teeth, resulting in a beautiful appearance.
  • Restores Function: Many patients with dental infections experience severe pain when biting down. Following root canal therapy, you should be able to resume normal function within a few days.
  • Prevents Further Infection: Root canal therapy can eradicate infection. The internal tooth structure is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, preventing the infection from spreading to other teeth.

Why Choose Dowell Dental Group?

At Dowell Dental Group, we take pride in staying up to date on the latest technologies so we can provide patients with the highest standard of care. These innovations in modern dentistry allow our doctors to diagnose issues like infection with greater precision and accuracy:

  • Digital X-rays: Emitting 90 percent less radiation than conventional x-rays, our digital imaging units are a much safer alternative.
  • Intraoral Camera: Used to visualize areas of the mouth that are difficult to see with the naked eye, our intraoral camera allows our doctors to diagnose dental issues in their earliest stages.

Our team strives to create a calm, comfortable atmosphere for our patients. In order to make your dental visits more relaxed, we also offer warm blankets, aromatherapy, and more. 

Restore Your Comfort

If you are experiencing dental pain, you may be a candidate for root canal therapy. To schedule an appointment, call one of our four office locations or contact us online.

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Our team is dedicated to providing an exceptional dental experience:

  • Spa-like atmosphere
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Compassionate, personalized care
  • Financing available 

To schedule your consultation, contact us online, call us at (330) 868-5001, or reach out directly to our location that is most convenient for you. 

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