Root Canal Therapy

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Root Canal Treatment

If a tooth is painful and sensitive, it could mean its interior pulp has become infected with bacteria. This may lead to tooth loss.

Root canal treatment performed by Dr. Stephen Dowell of Dowell Dental Group is a virtually painless procedure that can save your tooth.

How does Dr. Dowell use advanced technology at his spa-like Minerva, OH, dentistry office to make root canals precise and comfortable?

What Is Root Canal Treatment?

Basically, this extremely effective procedure involves Dr. Dowel accessing the interior chamber, or root canal, of your tooth and cleaning out all the infected and damaged tissue inside it. He then disinfects the interior to eradicate any remaining bacteria and seals up the tooth. A dental crown is typically placed to preserve the tooth's health and chewing function.                        

Do Root Canals Hurt?

The answer to this common question is no and many patients compare it to getting a filling. Dr. Dowell is a caring dentist who will gently administer a numbing anesthetic to keep you pain-free during the procedure.

Closer Look at Root Canal Treatment

Our highly trained dentist has over 30 years of root canal experience, providing safe, comfortable treatment to Minerva, Carollton, and Dover patients. There is no need to make an appointment with an outside endodontist. This can save you money, as endodontists may charge more than a dentist.

Why Root Canal Treatment Is Important
Dr. Dowell will likely suggest a root canal procedure at our dentistry practice when a bacterial infection enters your tooth through a crack or cavity, damaging the pulp, nerve, and blood vessels. If left untreated:

  • The infection can spread
  • A painful abscess can form
  • Your jaw bone may be damaged
  • Swelling in your face can occur
  • The tooth may need to be extracted
  • You might need a surgically placed implant

Five Root Canal Symptoms

Call our family-friendly practice or contact us online for an appointment if you experience any of these symptoms:

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Chronic Tooth Sensitivity

2 icon

Pain When You Chew

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Gum Swelling

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Constant Toothache

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Discoloration of the Tooth

A Root Canal Offers Many Benefits      

  • No More Pain
  • A root canal removes infected pulp and damaged tissue, resulting in relief from dental pain.
  • Saves a Damaged Tooth
  • A root canal eliminates interior decay, saving the tooth from extraction so your smile remains healthy and complete.
  • Keeps Your Smile Looking Great
  • After infected pulp is removed, Dr. Dowell will place a natural-looking crown on your tooth. This can be done during immediately after treatment, thanks to CEREC® same-day crown technology.
  • Restores Normal Dental Function
  • You can resume normal chewing and biting functions with no pain.
  • Prevents Further Infection 
  • A root canal can stop infection from spreading to other teeth.

The Root Canal Procedure  

We can treat your damaged tooth and place a dental crown in just one visit.    
We can treat your damaged tooth and place a dental crown in just one visit.
After precise digital x-rays and scans are taken of your teeth and surrounding bone, the procedure can begin while you relax in one of our massage chairs. We can also provide a blanket, pillows, and sunglasses.
Local anesthesia will be gently injected into the treatment area so you remain pain-free. Our dentist will create an opening in the tooth so he can access the infected pulp. The damaged pulp will be removed and the root canals will be disinfected.
He will then fill the tooth with a rubber compound and apply a sealant to the top of the tooth. Impressions will be made to create a natural-looking crown to restore proper function to the tooth.
Your crown can be created by a trusted lab over a two-week period or you be able to take advantage of our same-day crown technology. The latter eliminates the need to wear a temporary crown and come back for a second appointment.
After treatment, you'll be provided with a warm, lavender-infused paper towel to freshen up.

What about Recovery?                      

You can go back to your normal daily activities after treatment. Over-the-counter pain meds can help with any soreness and sensitivity, which should fade in a day or two. If you experience worsening side effects, please contact our office right away.


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