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Dramatically Brighten Your Smile With Teeth Whitening Treatment

Over time, foods, beverages, tobacco, and medications can leave telling stains on your teeth. Yellow or orange shades can sap the luster from your smile. Restore youthful exuberance with professional teeth whitening. The Dowell Dental Group offers several methods of teeth whitening, including the well-known Zoom! Whitening, for patients who want their smiles to leave a lasting impression.

Professional teeth whitening involves a concentrated hydrogen or carbamide peroxide solution applied to the teeth. The peroxide releases oxygen molecules that penetrate the tooth enamel to gently remove stains. For in-office teeth whitening, the doctors at The Dowell Dental Group may cure the whitening solution with a lamp for accelerated results. Zoom! Whitening is popular among our patients, because it can lighten teeth up to ten shades in a single session.

Our teeth whitening solutions include:

  • In-office with Zoom!
  • Take-home with Colgate
  • Take-home with NiteWhite

Take-home teeth whitening is often recommended for patients with sensitive teeth or who have difficulty getting comfortable in the dentist’s chair. The doctors at The Dowell Dental Group will examine your teeth and consult with you to determine the best whitening option in your case. Whitening alternatives include Snap-On Smile and porcelain veneers.

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