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Dental Crowns After Root Canal Therapy By Stephen Dowell, DDS on September 17, 2021

Root canal therapy (endodontic treatment) is faster, safer, and more comfortable than ever before. This is in part because dental crowns have improved with technology. Today, you can recieve a same-day, custom-made dental crown at dental practices with CEREC® technology.

No one wants a root canal, but if you have to have one, do so with confidence at Dowell Dental Group, with locations in Minerva, Carrollton, and Dover, OH. We offer CEREC same-day crowns to complete the entire procedure in one visit. Let’s discuss why crowns are often used as part of root canal treatment,

Why Do Patients Need a Dental Crown After Root Canal Therapy?

The short answer is that it depends on the tooth. Root canals save a tooth from extraction by preventing further infection. A root canal itself does not help the treated tooth maintain its integrity.

Here are some common reasons why your doctor will recommend dental crowns after a root canal:

  • Dental crowns protect the tooth against infection.
  • After root canal therapy, the tooth is weakened.
  • Without a dental crown, you may suffer severe tooth sensitivity.
  • The treated tooth could be discolored and requires a cap.

In short, dental crowns are an essential facet of root canal therapy for most patients. They are placed to restore health and function, but crowns also improve aesthetics.

Dental Crowns Protect the Tooth

A dental crown serves as a protective covering after a root canal, mitigating the risk of further infection that could result in lost teeth. In the past, patients had to return to be fitted with a dental crown, but nowadays, both root canal and crown procedures can potentially be completed in the same appointment.

Strengthening a Weakened Tooth

The root canal infection and the removal of the pulp from within a tooth could make a tooth susceptible to future fractures. This is especially true of the molars, the flat teeth at the back of the mouth used for grinding down food. Molars have to stand up to far more pressure than the front teeth, which makes dental crowns necessary to restore the strength of the bite.

Preventing Tooth Sensitivity

Even though the dental pulp within a tooth is gone, you can still experience pain and discomfort due to pressure when you bite and chew. Dental crowns allow you to eat the foods you love without pain, though you may still experience a few days of adjustment after the crown is placed.

Concealing Tooth Discoloration

It’s not uncommon for teeth to turn gray, brown, or yellow-ish after a root canal. Remember the pulp and nerve endings inside the teeth? The discoloration is their reaction to the trauma of the procedure. It’s not normally a cause for concern with molars, but for front teeth, dental crowns can make all the difference in cosmetically restoring your smile.

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